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In 1979 The Primary Movers was incorporated as a dance school with a performing company of children.  The school encompassed dance classes for “children of all ages,” which included adults.  Founded and directed by Rima Faber, the Primary Movers curriculum was based on the knowledge that dance training is a balance between the creative freedom that enhances individual growth, and the disciplined concentration that develops the technically proficient artist.

The school offered a range of dance classes dedicated to the professional training, education, and enjoyment of the art of modern dance.  Classes encompassed modern dance technique, ballet, jazz, creative movement, composition and choreography.  Live musical accompaniment provided rhythmic and musical training. The school grew to almost 300 students and a faculty of seven teachers plus an outreach program.

The Primary Movers Performance Company was comprised of eight to fifteen children ages five to thirteen years of age.  The children performed in schools, community centers, arts festivals, and theaters such as the National Theater and Kennedy Center.  Dances focused on issues the young performers faced in their lives and reflected their hopes, dreams, and concerns in both serious and humorous choreography.


In 1996 the Primary Movers Performance Company toured Russia for two weeks.  Ten young dancers ages 7-14 and several parents brought their creative expression to the dance schools, ballet academies, and public of St, Petersburg and Moscow.  The inventive and personal approach of the Primary Movers was new and exciting to Russian dance educators who had only known classical training.  The young dancers were ambassadors for American freedom of expression.  A video of the Russian Tour experience is available for $20 from The Primary Movers or National Dance Education Organization.


Dr. Faber received a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and was instrumental in founding the National Dance Education Organization. Primary Movers programs shifted to other studios and dance spaces.


The Primary Movers became an umbrella for dance classes at local studios, projects in schools, professional development, and consultation services.  Its mission remains constant: to present and promote excellent dance education to “children of all ages,” including adults.

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