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Dance education is a powerful ally for growth and development. It promotes physical, emotional, social, neurological, cognitive, and even academic growth and well-being. The Primary Movers offers training, professional development, consultation, and assistance in all these areas of dance education in order to develop excellent dance teachers, students, and greater awareness of the power of dance.

Dance Classes
Dr. Rima Faber and other highly qualified dance teachers are available to teach dance classes in dance programs in studios, schools, community centers, art centers, university/college programs, and to individuals who desire private dance instruction.

The Primary Movers offers workshop, seminars, or other instructional events in dance education that affords professional development for dance teachers, teaching artists, arts administrators, parents, or lovers of dance who wish to learn more.

As an expert with a doctorate degree in Education, Dr. Faber is available for consultation concerning dance pedagogy (class practice and management), using or developing dance standards, dance integration (teaching academic subjects through dance experiences), curriculum design, assessment, program development, and standards development or alignment.

Online Learning
Distant learners can take advantage of Primary Movers programs though online Webinar sessions and courses. Dr. Faber has developed courses in Dance Pedagogy and Dance Assessment, and is available to develop other coursework upon request or need.

Dr. Faber is available for extended commitments for any of the programs or services needed.

For information about fees and scheduling contact Dr. Rima Faber: or 301.655.5281